In class action litigation, people come together as a group to pursue a legal claim, and as in many things, here there is strength in numbers.


In consumer financial matters, the class action mechanisms of law can have considerable clout. One instance of financial injury may be small, but when the injury is multiplied by recurrence and the number people who have suffered similar harm, the amount of damages overall can be substantial. Furthermore, class action can be the best option when an individual or small group could not otherwise afford to carry the often-substantial costs of a lawsuit alone.


Whether the damages were caused by an error, or by deliberate acts, a class action claim can be a way of recovering losses from businesses that have caused the damage, putting some of that money back in consumer pockets. Such suits can also increase the pressure on businesses to change their practices.


The success of a class action lawsuit rests not only on the strength of the claim itself, but also on the skills and expertise of the of the law firm representing the class. At Michael P. Malakoff, years of experience in class action litigation are a powerful resource for consumers.



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